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From (Rajkumar, Joseph)
Subject CocoonPortlet Support in JetSpeed
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 15:31:41 GMT
Hi Folks

     I see that the CocoonPortlet is not being supported by the latest
release of JetSpeed-1.3a1. I read that there are a number of issues
with Cocoon-1.8. Some where in the JetSpeed-1.3a1 distribution
under modules, I found a 'README' file which says:

>> This portlet has several known issues with Cocoon 1.8.
>> It's not actively supported.

     My question is: Will it ever be supported? Is it possible for me
or any other interested developers to make it "actively supported"

Joseph Rajkumar

PS: Is there any efforts underway in the Cocoon-1.8 development or
in Cocoon-2.0 so that the CocoonPortlet will be actively supported by
JetSpeed. Who do I contact to get some development work done in this
regard so that I can get the process started. Both Cocoon and Jetspeed
"Great Products" and we need to tie them together so they play well
Desperately seeking help, support and informating in this regards.

PPS: I am NOT subscribed to the cocoon-dev mailing list, but I am
to the cocoon-users mailing list.

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