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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Technical Writer
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 06:34:29 GMT
Robert Hines wrote:
> Cool,
>    I'm actually in the middle of a job search, but I intend to get a fresh
> copy of C2 installed soonest, and get to work. I think that will be most
> worthwile, since C1 will soon be antiquated.
>    Knowing the way Open Source projects typically run, there is always some
> individual(s) who do(es) the majority of the "coordinating" if not outright
> task assignments, etc. 

You had the answers of the main coordinators. It's Robin Green for
Cocoon 1 and me for Cocoon 2.

> That's why I asked about the Lead Tech Writer, Tech
> Writing needs to be coordinated to some degree in order to get the best
> benifit. But, as to volunteering myself, I think I should get involved with
> a few small documents, and then see how things work out from there. However,
> don't count me out, I might just decide to do it in a month or so.
>    In the mean time, if you have something you need documented, and don't
> want to do it yourself, throw it over the fence to me and I'll get it done,
> untill I get too overwhelmed. ;-)

I don't know where to start but if you find out how to get Cocoon2
running and you'll play with it you'll suddenly find where the lack of
docs are :)



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