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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: [RT] redirection vs. aliases
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2000 23:05:39 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> Thanks to my experience with trying to get C2 working with
> WebSphere, and ColdFusion to work with Netscape Enterprise
> Server, I have come to a very important realization.  No
> vendor does redirection the same way (and some just do it
> incorrectly).  A redirection is supposed to be a very simple
> thing; however, it is causing me more problems than you
> might imagine.
> As an example, Apache httpd and Tomcat both perform redirects
> as you might expect--it simply gives you the new page without
> any funky HTTP status messages.  IBM has perverted Apache
> with it's IBM HTTP Server (works with WebSphere), and Netscape
> give a funny redirection HTTP response and most browsers can't
> handle it.  Instead of the desired result (the new page),
> it gives you "Page Unavailable" in IE or no result in Netscape 6.
> Why is this an issue?  With ColdFusion, the only way to have
> semi maintainable pages is to separate the logic sheets from
> the display sheets and use redirection to get you to the next
> stage.  My user state information gets lost if the server
> screws up.  With Cocoon, I can use the sitemap to send me to
> a default screen or even perform the same type of separation
> with my XSP pages.
> What I really want: an alias.  I am not trying to go to another
> machine, or even another context.  I just want one page in place
> of another.
> How it would work: any time Cocoon intercepts a redirect() method
> call, it processes the new URI in the same stream.  This has
> the same effect, and you don't have Web server vendors screwing
> you blind.
> Do I sound like I am somewhere outside the loop, or is my frustration
> shared?

No, it sounds reasonable and I think this was been discussed a real long
time ago. The sitemap has the notion of two kinds of redirects:

  <map:redirect-to uri="..."/>
  <map:redirect-to resource="..."/>

The first one issues a "normal" redirect using the Environments redirect
service (because the sitemap engine has no idea of how to do it on its
own). This can be any legal URL. The second form of redirect-to uses a
defined <map:resource> to redirect to. What you want is something like:

  <map:redirect-to cocoon="..."/>

which should reinvoke the sitemap engine with a different requestURI,
right? If this is the case we have to extend the Environment interface
to let the sitemap notice the Environment to change the requestURI and
reinvoke itself again?


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