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From roman seidl <>
Subject soap and xsl
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 02:38:57 GMT
Hi cocoon-dev,

  As i read in this list XSP tends to be quite slow. So i thought of
  how to get rid of xsp. So I consider the following concept:

  <producer from request>-<xsl (= file in request path)>-<soap

  I would use an processor from request and use an xslt sheet to
  decide on any reaction on the request (decide which sheet based on
  the url or on a sitemap. Then i would send it through a soap
  processor an access an ejb container. The result of the SOAP
  calls would be formatted and published.

  I donĀ“t know if this would deliver acceptable perfomance and be
  feasible to develop applications with but maybe I should try. I
  think it should be very easy to optimize as it would highly profit
  from a fast (compiling?) xslt parser which is easier to get than
  good xsp code. Furthermore it would be able to put all java code
  into the application server environment.

  Finally one could write an in-memory SOAP processor for jboss so
  there had to be no HTTP call for accessing a SOAP server.

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