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From Paul Russell <>
Subject [C2] [Pooling] Proxies and target JDKs
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 00:03:11 GMT
Hi all,

Need to pick your brains. We've been talking off and on about
component pooling etc, and how to achieve it in Cocoon2. At the
moment, the components are retrieved from their pools, but they
are never returned, negating the usefulness of the pools (except
in the sitemap itself, where components are explicitly returned
by their ComponentHolders).

I have tried to implement this using SoftReferences to recover
the components when they aren't in use, and this doesn't appear
to work -- I'm not entirely sure why. Another option is to use
the Proxy architecture to dynamically build a component proxy
which automatically returns a component to the pool when it is
garbage collected. The trouble with this is that the proxy
architecture is only available in JDK1.3. I could write a new
implementation of the proxy architecture specifically for cocoon,
but this seems overkill if there's an easier way of achieving

What do we think the target VM for Cocoon2 should be? JDK1.3 is
fairly prevelent these days, but I suspect (I've not checked
yet) it's not available for *BSD or Macintosh. Do we have ETAs
for these platforms? Can anyone think of an alternative way
to get the components back without moving away from the
ComponentManager architecture?

Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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