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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject [RT] Multiple Pipeline Useage
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 17:49:47 GMT
I am thinking a little off the cuff here, but I am
planning ahead to how we are going to ramp up design
on a web application involving many forms and the
limitations (by design) of XSP.

After looking at the XML schema for the sitemap, it
allows you to have multiple pipelines.  Now, I missed
all the great discussion that must have gone on around
that.  However, if execution is serial through the
pipelines, I could perform something like this:

    <sitemap:match uri="form/*-*">
      <sitemap:generate href="forms/{1}.xml"/>
      <sitemap:transform href="{2}2xsp.xsl"/>
    <sitemap:generate type="serverpages" href="{pipe}"/>
    <sitemap:transform type="xsp2html"/>

In short, I can use a simple file reader to take a
simple XML file, and select a specific XSL sheet.  Using
that transformation, I create one of a finite number of
XSP pages ("add, delete, update, view, process") and
create a new XSP page for each action.

In the next pipeline, I grab that stream, and create the
new resource and use it.  The only shortcomings of this
approach is naming the class generated has to be decided.

That way I can write entire webapps be defining one XML
file that has information regarding field names, help
entries, roles, and such--because the framework of form
processing has already been decided.

I am not talking about redefining the same XSP page over
and over--I am talking about automatically generating
a handful of XSP pages and using them.  There is going
to need to be SQL or EJB calls in the pages so it is
either an XSP framework that is needed or a complex FORM
transformer--which is another way of going.

If you lust for Ham and Eggs, you have
committed breakfast in your heart
already.   -- C. S. Lewis

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