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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject patch 4
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 21:36:07 GMT
Hello, everybody!

I've been surely missing this mailist when I was out (smth went wrong with my subscription)
Anyway, as XInclude spec says
"The base URI for relative URIs is the base URI of the include element" 
" Base URI 
The base URI property of the acquired infoset is not changed as a result of merging the infoset,
and remains unchanged after merging. Thus relative URI references in the 
included infoset resolve to the same URI despite being included into a document with a potentially
different base URI in effect. A serialized result infoset may need to add 
xml:base attributes to indicate this fact."

I understand it this way: if I have the following dir structure
and     one.xml --includes--> "../data/two.xml"
and     two.xml--includes--> "three.xml"

it should work, as the base URI for the last inclusion should be the base URI of the "two.xml"
document, not of "one.xml".

Here's a patch for XInclude processor to achive that.

My best regards,

Best Regards

Tagunov Anthony
vice senior programmer
NNT Telecom Russia (see a new multilingual human edited internet

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