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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: ESQL.XSL bug
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 03:58:09 GMT
On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Herbert Hotz wrote:

> Thanks for your work regarding esql.xsl! I know, this baby is still not
> born - but it is on the way, isn't it? However, learned a lot about
> logicsheets 'how to'. Thanks again.

very, very close. thanks yourself!

> For this time, I have some suggestions for improvment of esql.xsl v1.31:
> 1) Bug: PrintWriter vs. StringWriter (did not compile) :-(
> 2) Bug: _esql_connection.connection.rollback(); (did not compile) :-(

boy, those were stupid bugs. thanks!

> 3) IMHO <xsl:template match="esql:execute-query/esql:results" priority="2">
>    needs some corrections, if it should comply to esql.xsd v1.1.
>    Question: Why does this match clause have just ONE '/' opposed
>              to all the other match clauses? Is it a question of
>              cardinality?

simply because i don't think it makes any sense to have anything but
results, update-results, and error-results right underneath
execute-query. i might be wrong tho - i'll allow arbitrary descendents for
the moment and we'll see what happens.

> 4) FYI: One cannot set 'skip_rows' and 'max_rows' - but I'm sure you know!
>         And what's about null-indicator?

oops, no, had neglected them so far. for null-indicator i'll probably just
force get-columns to set a specific attribute. null-indicator doesn't
really have any relevance for the standard esql get methods - they'll
return null if the column was null - or you can check with esql:was-null
or something.

- donald

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