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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Comments on XSP 1.1 (long)
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 05:51:37 GMT
On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, Matt Sergeant wrote:

> On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, Ricardo Rocha wrote:
> > Oops! Sorry guys, I mistakenly hit the "send" button before the
> > message was complete. Here I go again...
> > 
> > *** Adding a logicsheet language (SiLLy, Simple Logicsheet Language) ***
> Maybe I'm missing something...
> SiLLy is for logicsheet/taglib authors. These people are programmers. I
> don't really see how it makes sense to ask them to work in XML for
> defining their API. Logic is language dependant (no matter how you turn it

i prefer working in XML for defining my APIs. i like being able to "call
functions" with a tree of arguments. i also like the fact that the
arguments need not occur in a particular order, and that they're
clearly identified by name, not just by position as in java or perl
function calls.

> I'm honestly not buying that you're going to get lots of *programmers*
> jumping up and down about SiLLy...

you might be right. it's a steep learning curve - but the payoff
rocks. the namespace that you end up creating is directly usable by
authors and designers, and if you layer your logicsheets intelligently, it
gives you an awesome amount on implementation independence. for instance,
my top-level logicsheets might have elements like this:

<slashdot:articles subject="apache" number="10"/>

which (clearly?) means i want the ten most recent slashdot articles about
apache. the means of getting that data is left up to the logicsheet - it
could be calls to a sql database, extracts from xml files retrieved via
http, whatever - my authors don't care, and i can change it at any time
(so longer as i've chosen my dtd with care...)

> Another thing I'd like to see is a CORBA taglib in both Cocoon and AxKit,
> so we can simply go:
> <corba:send-email/>

awwww, yeah. that _would_ be sexy. too bad i know little about CORBA.

- donald

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