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Subject [XalanJ2] javax.xml.transform interfaces should be ready for play
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 02:14:29 GMT
I have completed the first cut at the XalanJ2 transition to the (now
called) javax.xml.transform (but I'll still refer to it as TrAX)
interfaces.  I'm doing a clean download and build now to make sure
everything is kosher, but I think it's in pretty OK shape.

I apologize for my inattention to the list this week, including the XalanJ1
problems.  The TrAX combination of changes of derivation of the exceptions
and locators, and the changes to ths SAX-level mechanisms hit harder than I
anticipated, and I urgently had to get this done.  The codebase is
currently a little rough for the wear.  I'll do some cleanup over the
course of the next couple of weeks.  A giant huge thanks to all, and esp.
Gary Peskin, for their coverage.  The xalan-dev list is really getting that
community feeling, and that's a great experience for all of us who have
been working on LotusXSL/Xalan since the days of AlphaWorks.

There were changes in the TrAX interfaces from what I posted a few days

1) Some additional classes in the sax subdirectory, and methods.  I don't
think there should be anything controversial.
2) Mechanisms in the DOMSource class to be able to set the baseID.
3) A getBaseID on the Source class, which I'm not sure we should keep, but
it needs to be discussed on the list.
4) TFactoryConfigurationError and TransformerConfigurationException has
replaced TransformerFactoryException, in order to more closely align with
javax.xml.parser stuff.  TransformerException is needed and remains.
5) An OutputKeys class has been created in the stream directory to provide
a place for constant keys for controling serialization properties.

There will probably be more minor changes to these interfaces, but
hopefully, the major changes are over with.

I have only smoke tested with the example files.  I'll be doing a lot of
testing and polishing over the next few days.

Cocoon folks, you may want to wait a day or two for things to settle down a
bit.  It's up to you.

The place to start with this is the examples files, inside the
xml-xalan\java\samples\trax directory.

I'll be out of touch over the weekend, but back on line on Monday.


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