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From EEAltend...@thoughtworks.COM
Subject Re: [C2][WebLogic] Cocoon2 (patched) works with WebLogic 5.1
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 03:37:56 GMT

Hello all, I am trying to get the latest Cocoon2 code running with WebLogic
5.1 (acting as webserver and servlet container).

I merged the 1.X install instructions with the instructions listed below,
and all the various FAQ's and specs, and applied the patch and tried to set
up stuff as best I could.  In my web.xml I set the servlet-mapping url
pattern to /cocoon/*, and sure enough, the web server serves up the
contents of my cocoonwar/ directory, but Cocoon is not processing any of
the xml files.

Aside from any general suggestions anyone might have, I was wondering about
the <init-param> element in the web.xml file.  The <param-value> should be
... an absolute pathname to the cocoon.xconf file?  A URL to the file?  A
relative pathname (relative to what?).

Any other advice would of course be most appreciated.


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          >              Subject:     [C2][WebLogic] Cocoon2 (patched)
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I successfully launched latest Cocoon2 (from CVS) under WebLogic 5.1
server, but this requires patch to CocoonServlet (attached) which appends
weblogic.class.path to Cocoon's classpath.

I was unable to install Cocoon as described in install.txt,
with all libs in one jar, so here is my installation steps:

1. In order to work with XSP, CocoonServlet must be patched,
   apply attached patch and build cocoon.jar,
2. Preppend WEBLOGIC_CLASSPATH with Cocoon libraries (this way
   I'm overriding old DOM/SAX libraries included with WebLogic),
3. Build and unpack or copy cocoon.war somewhere (I placed it
   under weblogic dir),
4. Add line to
5. Done, run weblogic and go to http://host:port/cocoon/

Hope this will help somebody,

Vadim Gritsenko
(W) 301-428-5500 x 3253
(See attached file:

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