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From EEAltend...@thoughtworks.COM
Subject Re: [C2][WebLogic] Cocoon2 (patched) works with WebLogic 5.1
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:43:00 GMT

Thank you very much for the suggestions.

Weblogic 5.1 is a servlet 2.2 container, yes.

The cocoon.jar file and the 4 other required jars are in the system
classpath, and they are being passed to Weblogic through Weblogic's
-classpath command line option.  Yet you do seem to be right; it's not
finding the Cocoon class...

You mentioned to use org.apache.cocoon.servlet.Cocoon, but when I looked at
the code, it appeared to me the class was in fact named CocoonServlet.  Did
I get the right source code?  I'm looking at, version
@version CVS $Revision: $ $Date: 2000/11/15 15:51:47 $ .

As an additional hint, when I bring up the Weblogic console, it lists
cocoon as a registered servlet, but lists its
"Servlet classpath: " as "d:\cat\cocoonwar\WEB-INF\classes" ... which I
imagine is a problem because the "classes" subdirectory of WEB-INF does not
even exist.  From where would weblogic be loading this setting?  (OK, I
know this is not a weblogic maillist.  Ignore if that was inappropriate)

Thank you again,

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From: <EEAltendorf@thoughtworks.COM>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 10:37 PM
Subject: Re: [C2][WebLogic] Cocoon2 (patched) works with WebLogic 5.1

> Hello all, I am trying to get the latest Cocoon2 code running with
> 5.1 (acting as webserver and servlet container).

Is WebLogic a Servlet 2.2 container?  It has to be for Cocoon2.

> I merged the 1.X install instructions with the instructions listed below,
> and all the various FAQ's and specs, and applied the patch and tried to
> up stuff as best I could.  In my web.xml I set the servlet-mapping url
> pattern to /cocoon/*, and sure enough, the web server serves up the
> contents of my cocoonwar/ directory, but Cocoon is not processing any of
> the xml files.

It seems as if it is not loading the Cocoon class properly.  Make sure that
Cocoon is in the System classpath, or WebLogic's classpath.  Also, make
that the servlet class you are using is org.apache.cocoon.servlet.Cocoon
not the 1.x class.  But you would be getting error pages if Weblogic was
configured to load C2 properly.

> Aside from any general suggestions anyone might have, I was wondering
> the <init-param> element in the web.xml file.  The <param-value> should
> ... an absolute pathname to the cocoon.xconf file?  A URL to the file?  A
> relative pathname (relative to what?).

Servlet 2.2 specs say relative to the context root.  If your webapp is
at /usr/share/webapp/cocoon then it would be relative to that directory.
it has to be included in that directory.

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