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Subject [xalanj2] bugs.xml checked into CVS
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 23:30:23 GMT
I've started a simple file for bugs in xml-xalan/java/bugs.xml.  Right now
this is an export from our internal Lotus Notes SPR database of the recent
TrAX API bugs that Shane found in the last couple of days.

I suspect we could set up a pretty good servlet on locus that served up the
file as an HTML page, and then we could have a form that would create a
record edit, and then mail the delta to one of us so we could apply it to
the file.  This would get around the security problems they were having
with the bugzilla database.  Not as good as a real bug database, but it
might do for now...

I wonder if the cocoon folks have any canned stuff that could get such a
system up sooner rather than later?


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