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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: [C2]: Dispose of sitemap components
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 07:38:28 GMT
> Definitely use the Disposable Interface.  I would have to double check,
> but the Avalon Pool system checks for Dispose interface to properly
> handle those things when the Object is returned to the pool.
> > Also take into account that for pooled Component there is the
> > Recyclable interface for exact that reason. The recycle methed gets
> > called when the component is put back into the pool. May this will help
> > too.
> Any pooled component should not depend on the garbage collector to
> clean up after it.  It either needs to clean up after itself, or 
> it needs to
> implement the Disposable/Recyclable interface to perform the cleanup.
> Which Pool are you using?
> org.apache.avalon.utils.recycle or org.apache.avalon.util.pool?
> The util.pool package is the one we are going to use in the future, and
> has been optimized to be quicker than recycle.
Does this mean, if Cocoon would use the right pool and the SitemapComponents 
(e.g. Transformer) implement the Disposable interface the dispose method 
would be called automatically? And I don't need to patch anything :-) ?


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