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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [xalanj2] bugs.xml checked into CVS
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 11:16:43 GMT
Not much - there's an FP taglib which aspires to being a very general forms 
processing taglib (and more), but isn't there yet in terms of features. Also 
you'd have to use Cocoon 1 since Cocoon 2 requires JDK1.2 but I believe only 
JDK1.1 is installed on Locus (unless you want to try installing the 
Blackdown port...) wrote:
>I've started a simple file for bugs in xml-xalan/java/bugs.xml.  Right now
>this is an export from our internal Lotus Notes SPR database of the recent
>TrAX API bugs that Shane found in the last couple of days.
>I suspect we could set up a pretty good servlet on locus that served up the
>file as an HTML page, and then we could have a form that would create a
>record edit, and then mail the delta to one of us so we could apply it to
>the file.  This would get around the security problems they were having
>with the bugzilla database.  Not as good as a real bug database, but it
>might do for now...
>I wonder if the cocoon folks have any canned stuff that could get such a
>system up sooner rather than later?

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