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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Structure -- functions or pages?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 01:39:58 GMT
Emil Assarsson <> wrote:
>If you want to have different structure och the served pages, but the
>same stucture on the functions on your webapplication. Is there any
>possibility to do so?
>To clear the question a bit:
>A HTML page contains a lot more separate functionality than a WML page,
>like a compleet menu and related info. To make it even more complex...
>if you have a multipage list, this list will contain not only a list but
>a list of links to the following pages. Mix this with the style. I would
>like to see the application like a set of functions linked together. The
>functions should work independent. Even if they are presented on muliple
>pages (like a sequense). And a document will still be one document
>instead of multiple pages.

Yes, this is basically the concept of aggregation, that is being introduced 
in Cocoon2 at the moment.

>This is the present idé:
>Logic -> Content -> Style
>If you put the Structure anywhere else but in Style you will break the
>design pattern. But this way you will have to make the style "ask" for
>the content (like a new JSP)? Not nice.

Agreed. The solution is Cocoon 2's sitemap. The sitemap "asks" for the 
content. It is a fourth part to the picture, after logic content and style - 
it's what ties those three together. See the Cocoon 2 overview on the 

I tried to implement an aggregation system in Cocoon 1, and almost got it 
working, but it was way too slow (maybe just my stupid implementation, but 
it looks like it would be hacky whichever way you did it). My advice - wait 
until Cocoon 2 is released or at least fairly stable, it will do everything 
you want. ;)

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