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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [ADMIN] process for applying patches
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 01:20:16 GMT
Ovidiu Predescu <> wrote:
>I submitted a few patches in the past few weeks but received comments only 
>on a
>few of them. Are they good? Do they fit nicely in the Cocoon framework? 
>seems to care about this or to take any action.

We have only a few people working on C2, and even less on C1 because it is 
headed for retirement. And for all us, it's what hours we can spare, which 

In terms of C1, I've taken on a lot of responsibility for that, but I have a 
long backlog - see todo on the website. Most of your patches I would not 
classify as priority high, so you may have to wait a while longer.

Of course it would be polite of me to at least acknowledge, but I didn't 
think you'd mind if I didn't. If you want, I can ack from now on when you 
send a C1 patch.

>This is quite amazing to me, is
>the first free software/open-source project I work on where people don't 
>to be preoccupied analyzing other people's patches and do something about 

Yes, I am instead preoccupied with answering questions on cocoon-users and 
with the rest of my life. That's just my choice - I think of myself as a 
tech support/training personality-type, as well as a programmer. Don't get 
the wrong idea - I do a fair bit of maintenance as well. When I find time. 
Slowly getting things done - see changes on the website.

But rest assured, I think it's great that you're contributing, and I do 
think your patches sound good and worth applying - but I haven't reviewed 
them yet - it's only because of lack of time. They're still sitting in my 
inbox, I haven't deleted them.

I know this may sound harsh but I think I speak for all of us when I say, we 
can't promise to do any more work than we are already doing - and this 
problem (patches ignored) is a risk you take with ANY open source project, 
not just Cocoon. It happens with Linux kernel as well, allegedly for stupid 
personal reasons. Cocoon is better - I've never noticed anyone rejecting a 
patch for a stupid reason! ;)

If you want code reviewers, fine - then first find some people who are 
willing to commit some time. Because that's what we seem to lack the most.

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