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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: how to use dev-shapshots ???
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 15:28:50 GMT
"Gabi Brysch" <> wrote:
>[Win2000, jdk1.3, jsdk1.2.2, tomcat3.1, cocoon1.8] !
>i'm working with 1.8 - and i recognized, that some bugs
>still in there have been already resolved ??

Yes. See "changes" on the website.

>how do i integrate 'patched parts' into cocoon1.8 version ??

Best to just download the latest version from CVS.

>i already downloaded from the dev-snapshot the latest 'version 2.0xx',
>but i can't find in there the same structure, than it was in
>cocoon 1.8 when i downloaded it !!

That's because c2 (alpha version) is completely different to cocoon 1.8 - a 
whole new architecture. You want 1.8.1-dev instead, from here:

Snapshots are ordered by date. Actually CVS has a slightly different 
structure to the releases as well, but it's not really significant.

To use it, run or build.bat which will generate a new cocoon.jar in 
build directory (not bin directory). See build.xml for instructions.

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