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From Michael Hussey <>
Subject RE: XSP Debugger for cocoon 1.8
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 18:55:49 GMT
Here is an older version that anyone can build and use today.  Just extract
the files into your xsp package directory, rebuild cocoon 1.8, and follow
the directions in  

The "wdk" prefix is internal to Saba, so you'll probably want to change it
to a simpler prefix like "xsp" or nothing at all.

A newer version which fixes the other stuff mentioned below is not ready for
general consumption.

Happy debugging,

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From: Robin Green []
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 9:21 AM
Subject: RE: XSPClassLoader: Caching problem in Cocoon 1.8 once page is
su cces sfully compiled.

Michael Hussey <> wrote:
>Yes, I meant the classes are not loaded into memory, even though the class
>files are updated.  Thanks for pointing out the TODO file.  It sounds like
>exactly our problem.
>We have had to fix the caching problems and stylesheet chaining problems so
>I'm excited to hear that you are planning on getting these addressed on the
>main line.
>We've also added considerable debugging support which consists of 
>xml files with intermediate results of logicsheet translations, XSP output,
>and XSL transforms, as well as displaying this XML in the browser.  We'd
>love to have this functionality rolled into the main line.  Let me know if
>you would like to see the code for possible inclusion.

Hey, great minds think alike!! :-)

I'd still like to see your debugging code though to see if it's better than 

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