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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: XObject
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 14:15:33 GMT
> >> With Cocoon1 we are using some classes that have
> >> a toDOM() function to pass xml to cocoon.
> >> Since with Cocoon2 this doesn't make sense any
> >> more we need also have to have a toSAX() method.
> >>
> >> As proposed in the cocoon-users list the classes
> >> should implement the XObject interface. So these
> >> classes can become more portable.
> >>
> >> Now that we are moving to cocoon2 I was looking
> >> for this interface but didn't find it in the source.
> >
> >As far as I know it's not yet implemented.
> >
> >Ricardo, can you give some input?
> >
> >Giacomo
> Donald (I think) outlined the general problem recently on Cocoon Users.
> 1st Problem
> XObject is in a package heirarchy that does not exist within Cocoon 2

So it does in Cocoon1? Oh, didn't knew that...

> 2nd Problem
> XObject's toSAX method uses a depreciated class DocumentHandler instead of
> the newer ContentHandler (or have I got this the wrong way around?)

Yes, DocumentHandler should be in Cocoon1. But why not including the
ContentHandler class into Cocoon1 and the DocumentHandler into Cocoon2.
Cocoon1 will not use the ContentHandler and Cocoon2 will not use the
DocumentHandler. But we should be able to compile the class that implements
XObject. Of course toSAX() will not work in Cocoon1 and vise versa.
But we could then easily stick to that interface.

Maybe... ;)

> I would personally really appreciate being able to use the XObject (or
> similar) interface for my tag libraries to make them compatible with both
> C1 and C2,

Yepp! Me, too!

> but I believe we will have to bite the bullet and
> depreciate the
> current XObject in C1 before it can be implemented in C2.

...considering the above maybe not?! (not sure)

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