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From MJ Ray <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon in cacheland
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 23:18:42 GMT
Paul Russell <> writes:

> [Apologies in advance for the terrible ASCII art]

Your apology for ASCII art is noted and will be held against you.  ;-)

> We should ensure that Cocoon2 uses 'path-info' type requests
> whereever it is semantically justifiable. For example, a news
Here we have ammunition for an entire bunfight in just two words.  For
example, is it semantically justifiable to have search URLs of the

On the one hand, you could argue yes, as the meaning is clear and you
want it to be cacheable.  Even if the result changes quickly, you
could set the caching parameters to make it quite short-lived and
assume caches will obey your instructions.

On the other, it's going to be a pig to generate those sort of URLs in
the current browsers and in practice I would hope that "query" URLs
are cached at least as well (if not better) by modern caches (although
I know my own one screws it up sufficiently often for me not to cache
queries in it).

Personally, the day I see a URL like that above, I go hunting the
technical director with a vaxstation to drop on his toe ;-)

>  4) How should we store the cache? It's potentially 'rather
>     big', but it's crucial we have it fast. I'd be tempted
>     to use a two layer cache - first layer in ram, and second
>     layer on backing store. When something is used, it's loaded
>     from disk, and when ram gets full, we stick it back on disk.

Just a thought and I'm quite likely miles off-target here, but do you
know whether your storage is in ram or on disk?  Or are we just
talking about some cache parameters to play with to limit the space
taken up by the first level cache?

Luminas Ltd, Internet Applications Development
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