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From Mamei Marco <Marco.Ma...@CSELT.IT>
Subject XML and RDF incompatibility
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 17:15:30 GMT
Some times ago, Stefano Mazzocchi posted a mail "Cocoon Emotional
where he explained some basic XML and the goals/features of Cocoon.
In particular he said that XML content would NOT be easier to searching,
because of
"weird markup problem"
Here is a piece of Stefano's mail

>As one of the first examples clearly showed, there is no way for a
>search engine to perform semantic analysis on something like
> <dlkj>
>  <ruijfl>sofikdjflksj</ruijfl>
>  <wijlkjf>
>    <oamkfkj>sflkjoiuer</oamkfkj>
>  </wijlkjf>
> </dlkj>
>the only useful thing would be to ask for all the web resources where
>"sofikdjflksj" is included into "ruijfl" tags... but if you think at the
>possible huge babel of XML languages that might appear in the next
>decades, this is a clear problem.
>The RDF (resource description framework) model is an effort that aims to
>reduce this problem by creating uniform semantics to "describe" any kind
>of information. For example, it could allow the author of this weird
>markup to indicate that
> <ruijfl>
>inherits the semantic meanings of <author>. So, if you search for
>"sofikdjflksj" as an <author>, it will be able to search between
><ruijfl> as well.

Now, I read something about XML and RDF, but I found that in RDF you can
say something like:

<rdf:Description about="pippo.xml">

you can't say that <ruijfl> inherits the semantic meanings
of <author> or <CREATOR>.

So why should I waste time providing semantic markup, if at least all I can
is define metadata in a RDF syntax?
What am I missing?

I know this is not a real Cocoon question, but I really need help.


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