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From "Tom Klaasen" <>
Subject [PATCH][C2] Documentation
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 09:32:25 GMT
Hi everybody,

I've made an effort to make a "starter's documentation". This means I've
tried to make a documentation that a Java programmer (with some experience
in servlets, html, and the lot) could get a grip as fast as possible on
Cocoon 2. This does not mean that, after he has read this docs, he knows
Cocoon in depth, but he has an overview of the concepts.

I wrote this because in my experience, this was the most lacked in the
existing documentation. The specialized parts are in general good described,
but not the technical overview of C2.

As you will see, parts are not written by myself but are just copied from
various places in the C2 cvs tree. Putting it all together adds value, imho.

The documentation includes:
- A detailed step-by-step to checkout C2 from CVS (under win*). This is
because in my company, many people (and not the most stupid ones!) were
interested in C2, but lost interest because they had no experience with CVS.
If they can checkout the lot, they could have a look at it, and if they get
interested then, they could learn more advanced CVS.
- An overview. This describes the pipeline architecture.
- A "HttpRequest" document: How does C2 gets initialized, and what happens
if a HTTPRequest arrives at the servlet engine? This is the main part, as it
helps to get a grip on the "when and why" of the various concepts of C2.
- The Avalon concepts that are used in C2. You should be able to learn C2
without having to learn Avalon in its entirety.
- "Extending" tries to give an idea of when to extend which parts of C2, for
your needs. It also gives an overview of already existing components.
- "XSP": a guideline of where to find documentation about C2 (the link to
Stefano's slides was what I missed the most)

I hope you guys appreciate this. Any feedback (corrections/additions/...) is
always welcome.

(Most of the files are new files, the .diff files are diff'ed from cvs)



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