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From Maciek Kaminski
Subject Re: [C2]Action proposal (long)
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 21:18:41 GMT
Problem with <handle-error>

> --- Giacomo Pati <> wrote:
> > --- wrote:
> > ...
> > Other problem with <handle-error> I see:
> > If administrator can't choose generator for given error than
> > error handling is up to transformation author, not up to site
> > administrator? Is it constistent with Cocoon goal to keep contexts
> > (management and style) from overlaping?
> Well, there is no need to select another generator for an error
> situation. An error is an error, point. It's descibed in a DTD and thats
> it. You are able to style the error if you want to present it to the
> client.

This is my point: Styling errors breaks style and content separation. 
Only developers are interested in stack traces, etc. Other users should
be presented with some explanation: "We are sorry but we have temporary 
problem, etc...". Explanation should be up to content designer, 
it may include exact error info like stack trace, etc, but not necessarily 
so. That is why I think that it should be possible to select generator 
in error situation.

Maciek Kaminski

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