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From Mike LaRocca <>
Subject cocoon2 bug in
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 14:46:26 GMT
Found a usage bug with XSPObjectHelper.addAttribute()  where attribute
names are not  making it into the SAX stream.  If the qualified
attribute name is not set to the local attribute name then the attribute
name will be absent in the output document.

  protected static void addAttribute(
    AttributesImpl attr,
    String name,
    String value
    throws SAXException
    // before fix
    //attr.addAttribute("", name, "", "CDATA", value);

    // after fix
    attr.addAttribute("", name, name, "CDATA", value);

I found this with a logicsheet helper object that I'm working on but you
can reproduce the problem by running the simple.xsp exmple for cocoon2.
eg. http://localhost:8080/cocoon/xsp/simple?name=bush&name=gore

Output before fix (NOTE the missing attribute name 'name'):
     Parameter Values for "":

Output after fix:
     Parameter Values for "name":

--Mike LaRocca

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