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From Raphael Luta <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon in cacheland
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:50:48 GMT
"Stevenson, Chris (SSABSA)" wrote:
> > I think *now* is the time to start a discussion on it however,
> > because before anyone (be it me or anyone else) starts implementing
> > the caching architecture, we need to have worked out some of
> > the technical details.
> Hear hear!
> I remember Stefano's original post, and I appreciate this as
> well, but I am left with a nagging doubt. This is, no-one
> has convinced me that we need 'Internal Caching'.

I think I can give you at least one example wheer internal caching *is*
necessary: content aggregation.

If your final page is aggregated from a "static" content page and a 
"dynamic" (ie changing during the life time of the container) sitebar) sitebar,
you'll want to cache final stages of the static content processing 
pipeline before the aggregation but not the final serialized result
as the sitebar may change.

More generally, any aggregation of resources with different lifecycles 
will probably benefit of internal caching of resources to avoid that
every resources be refreshed. Content aggregation is not yet supported
by Cocoon but I don't see how it can possibly be released without support
for it so the caching policy must take this into account.

Raphaƫl Luta -

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