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From "Ochoa Marcelo F." <>
Subject ANN: DB Prism 1.1.0 is ready for downloading
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 20:44:23 GMT
Hi all:
   DB Prism 1.1.0-dev is ready for downloading for the members of the
DB Prism group at
  Here the changes of DB Prism 1.1.0:
            - Support for OWS 3.x, OAS 4.x and Web DB toolkits without
any modifications
            - Full compatibility with Oracle IAS 1.0 mod_plsql
            - Upload Download functionality for Oracle 8i and Oracle
            - DB Prism / Cocoon CMS was written using Java Stored
            - CMS includes a Java Client application to upload the
            - CMS Upload Client application use an XML file to configure
the site
            - CMS permits links to documents directly by a file system
            - CMS permits give a stylesheet at importing time for
converting different xml sources to document-v10.dtd of the CMS
            - Java Xml Toolkit now include full support for
            - New demos for Oracle 8i and Lite with Java Stored
            - UML Information was updated

   The documentation site (beta) is at: , this
site is on-line generated by the DB Prism Cocoon CMS, and then, the
information could be change at any time (I am changing it at this
   With new branches for the parameters of DB Prism and how to install
the PLSQL toolkits.
   To download the new version, subscribe at DB Prism group sending an
email to or by web at:
    Best regards, Marcelo.

PD: DB prism download is in the section Files of web page
and the demos are in the Links section.

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