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From Gary L Peskin <>
Subject Re: [C2][Xalan2J] SAXTransformerFactory's newXMLFilter
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2000 22:16:35 GMT
Dims --

What happened to my previous idea?

private SAXTransformerFactory transformerFactory;

public XMLFilter getXMLFilter() throws TransformerConfigurationException
  XMLFilter retFilter = new XMLFilterImpl();
  TransformerHandler th =
  return retFilter;

I thought you had said that you decided you didn't need th XMLFiler
since you were switching to just using a TransformerHandler.  Have you
decided that you do need the XMLFilter after all?


Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Scott,
> SAXTransformerFactory needs a new method named newXMLFilter which takes in a Templates
object as a
> parameter. I know that there are other ways of getting an XMLFilter which contains a
> but the objective is to make it easy. For example there are two newTransformerHandler
methods one
> of which takes in a Source and another takes in a Templates object. So why not have an
> newXMLFilter which takes in a Templates object?
> Thanks,
> dims
>   public XMLFilter newXMLFilter(Templates templates){
>     try {
>       return new TrAXFilter(templates);
>     } catch(TransformerConfigurationException tfe) {
>       return null;
>     }
>   }

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