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From Lassi Immonen <>
Subject Re: [C2]I18n transformer
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 08:24:26 GMT
> >
> > So I modified syntax a bit from I18NProcessor. Now you have to put all
> > translations in one translation file, which is in my opinion better at
> > least small sites as we are doing.
> If you already say that you have a small site with only one file that
> contains all translations, I do not understand why do it so
> complicated with two different files. My solution (which badly
> needed cleaning up during the last few days, so I only post it now)
> does the same with less file hassle, I think (no offense intended):

Actually I had posted a time ago same kind of LangTransformer which
stripped unwanted tags away :-)
The reason I did port Cocoon1 i18nProcessor is that in long run in my
opinion it's better solution to have translations in different file(s).
I didn't implement parameter substitution which is in Processor yet, but
thats another important aspect.
I think it's easier to give translation(s) files to actual translator,
than possibly XSP page with all other unneccessary stuff in it.

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