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From Ross Burton <>
Subject Re: Better and Better and RT
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 12:54:05 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> With the latest CVS of Cocoon2, I noticed that all the
> samples work as expected again.  I also noticed that
> the plumbing is much quicker as well.  Sitemap generation
> is roughly the same, however once generated the rest of
> the resources compile 10-20% faster than before.
> (I know we aren't worried about performance yet, but it's
> good to know it is improving none the less).
> I haven't tried dealing with the browser selector.
> I envision the following additional selectors to be vital
> to any site:
> ParameterSelector (select things pased on HTTP parameters)
> AcceptsSelector (send PNG to browsers that accept it...)

I have plans to write both of these.  I'm currently finishing a spec for
BrowserCapabilitySelector which will include Accepts as a parameter, and
IIRC a ParameterMatcher was posted recently which might be able to be
changed to a selector.

Ross Burton

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