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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Knowledge Management (Topic Maps)
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 14:55:31 GMT
At 06:02  21/11/00 -0500, Bachran, Michael wrote:
>Hi Anybody!

Hi ;)

>Is there any intention to do a project on knowledge management within the

Not that I know of but I am nobody important ;)

>How about doing something on Topic Maps using them to deliver an additional
>semantic layer to web applications using them for:
>	- Navigation through the huge amount of information
>	- Finding and accessing relevant information quick and easy by
>filtering (maybe moddeling security in it?)

could be.

>I am thinking about writing my diploma thesis on that and thought about
>evaluating Cocoon in this scope, using it as publishing system for the
>information and the navigation.


>Maybe through an avalon block the functionality to generate xlink structures
>that are needed to build paths to related ressources (maybe from producers)
>can be provided ...
>And ... generic search functionality on information enriched by a
>xml-TopicMap layer might become handy ... ?

It could be handy ;)

>I am just thinking about it ...
>Do you think something of this does make any sense?

Well I would love to see something like this integrated with lucene (a java
search engine) aswell. However the best advice anyone can give is;

* do it if you like the idea
* do it if your supervisor has knowledge of it 
* do it if you think it would be fun ;)

Just make sure that it is something that you can work into relevent
curriculum and get your marks for ;) Think of cocoon as a tool. While it is
a kewl tool ;) you have to ask yourself if it 

a) suits your needs
b) is something you want to do

I would say that Cocoon2 will fulfill a) but you gotta decide if it
fulfills b). Happy Hacking ;)



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