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From "Bachran, Michael" <>
Subject Knowledge Management (Topic Maps)
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 11:02:33 GMT
Hi Anybody!

Is there any intention to do a project on knowledge management within the
How about doing something on Topic Maps using them to deliver an additional
semantic layer to web applications using them for:
	- Navigation through the huge amount of information
	- Finding and accessing relevant information quick and easy by
filtering (maybe moddeling security in it?)

I am thinking about writing my diploma thesis on that and thought about
evaluating Cocoon in this scope, using it as publishing system for the
information and the navigation.

Maybe through an avalon block the functionality to generate xlink structures
that are needed to build paths to related ressources (maybe from producers)
can be provided ...
And ... generic search functionality on information enriched by a
xml-TopicMap layer might become handy ... ?


I am just thinking about it ...
Do you think something of this does make any sense?

Thanks for any feedback, Michael

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