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From Brian Olsen <>
Subject RE: [C2]Action proposal (long)
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 21:59:23 GMT

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From: Giacomo Pati []

>--- Brian Olsen <> wrote:

<snipped already known information/> 
>> > 
>> > Question: Is it suitable to implement some semantic directly into 
>> > the sitemap to select the right action out of an action-chain 
>> > because usually only one action gets posted by a client and 
>> > executed out of a set of explicit actions? Example:
>> > 
>> > 	<action-chain name="database-manipulation>
>> > 	 <act type="insert-action" action="insert"/>
>> > 	 <act type="delete-action" action="delete"/>
>> > 	 ...
>> > 	</action-chain>
>> > 
>> > The posted action is selected according to the action attribute and
>> > by a TBD mechanism for the sitemap to aquire the posted action.
>> -1 This sematic is dbl. implementing things that is really a
>> selector.
>> In it's essence the above is just a short for the action/selector
>> sematic.
>> You still need some "Action" or "ActionChainParser" to extract the
>> data to
>> be able to select the correct action.
>> I like the idea of an action chain for a stack of events but as an
>> action
>> selector I simply don't see the need.
>> In your own example you demonstrate a case where the power of using a
>> selector instead of making an action chain selctor is shown. When you
>> don't
>> JUST want an action but also a special generator or transformation
>> applied.

> Yes, I can't agree more. The proposed example above (action-chain with
> action attribute) only reduces verbosity but adds redundant semantics.
> So one question raises. What are the legal elements in a action-chain? 

What do you mean by legal elements?? I don't see why action-chains should
contain anything
but actions.

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