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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon in cacheland
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:43:12 GMT
On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 02:17:43PM -0500, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> > I remember Stefano's original post, and I appreciate this as 
> > well, but I am left with a nagging doubt. This is, no-one
> > has convinced me that we need 'Internal Caching'.
> If you are referring to Component Pooling, then I beg to differ.
> Any object that will see heavy use should be pooled: instead of
> having 100 different threads handling 100 different users, Cocoon
> should employ the approach of pooling Sitemaps, Parsers, InputSources,
> Transformers, and Serializers.

Uh. No, he doesn't. I don't think. I *think* he meant XML
stream caches (see below)

Can we define some terms here guys - I think we need to be
absolutely crystal clear what we're talking about, otherwise
it's all meaningless:

* Cache
  A collection of resources (that is data) upon which the Cocoon
  code operates.

  There are several types of cache:

  1) XML stream caches
     Cache XML streams INSIDE the pipeline.
  2) Serialized data caches
     Cache the results of a request OUTSIDE the pipeline.
  3) Independant cache
     (can anyone think of a better name? this one is horribly
     A cache contained and maintained within a component.

* Pool
  A collection of objects implementing part of the cocoon
  pipeline and/or architecture which are instantiated on
  demand, but returned to the pool of active components
  when their (one off) execution is complete.

  There are several types of these, too:

  1) Main cocoon component pools.
     For caching component instances not directly related
     to the operation of the sitemap instance.
  2) Sitemap component pools.
     For caching component instances used within the sitemap
  3) Independant pools
     Pools of component instances maintained and contained
     within a component. (this is the type of pool which
     would contain the Xalan stylesheet instances)

Although the framework should not concern itself directly with
independant pools and caches, it should provide support classes
to assist developers wishing to use independant caches or pools.

Note that at this stage we're not saying we WILL support
any of these or all of these. As the discussion progesses,
it should become clear.

Does this terminology make sense to everyone? Anyone got
any better ideas for words to describe their functions?

Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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