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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Apache Prowler? ASF member support needed!
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 09:49:03 GMT

--- "Timm, Sean" <> wrote:
> This is mainly directed towards Giacomo Pati and Donald Ball since
> you two
> are now officially ASF members, but I thought there might be others
> in the
> group interested in this as well.
> I just finished reading up some information on Infozone and Prowler,
> and I
> came across the following message (thanks to xmlhack):
> I think Prowler is a key piece of technology that is currently
> missing from
> the Apache XML project umbrella.  The Infozone Group is clearly
> focused on
> utilizing the other Apache projects to make this successful, and I
> think
> Prowler would get a lot more attention if it fell into the fold.

Can't agree more.

> Giacomo, I noticed your responses to the messages, so I know you've
> already
> been introduced to this, so I am mainly just trying to get a feel for
> where
> this might be in the process and if you and Donald are interested in
> pushing
> this to the ASF board.

Yes, I'm discussing it with Infozone people right now and will
afterwards speek up at the PMC and member list about it.

My personal vision about a (nearly) complete XML infrastructure is as

Xerces:    The workhorse to bring XML into the game
Xalan:     The workhorse for transformation of XML instances
Ozone/XML: A store for XML content
Prowler:   To manage the XML content (access layer)
SchemoX:   A front-end framework to manupulate XML content
           This can be C2 components as well as a Swing GUI IIRC
JetSpeed:  A front-end framework/components for content aggregation 
Turbine:   Specifically the services accessable as general C2 
Cocoon2:   The base framework to bring all those pieces together

All the above together with Tomcat and Apache HTTPD will complete the
picture for me.

What are you oppinions?



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