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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject Better and Better and RT
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 22:19:42 GMT
With the latest CVS of Cocoon2, I noticed that all the
samples work as expected again.  I also noticed that
the plumbing is much quicker as well.  Sitemap generation
is roughly the same, however once generated the rest of
the resources compile 10-20% faster than before.

(I know we aren't worried about performance yet, but it's
good to know it is improving none the less).

I haven't tried dealing with the browser selector.

I envision the following additional selectors to be vital
to any site:

ParameterSelector (select things pased on HTTP parameters)
AcceptsSelector (send PNG to browsers that accept it...)

Imagine the following scenario:

A small company wants something that will grow with there
needs.  Most graphic artists build static HTML files and
incorporate tons of graphics that include text in there
(cardinal sin, but reality nonetheless).  The small company
decides to use Cocoon because of its manageability--in the
beginning it will be one or two people managing the site,
but they don't want to be limited later on.

All the graphics are described as SVG so that the text in
the graphics are not hardcoded for eternity.  Because of
legal issues with GIF files, the company wants to serialize
the images in the following priority: SVG, PNG, JPEG.  Also
because this is a conscientious company, they want to
serialize everything with a compressed stream if the
browser supports it.

Because the company supplies a personalized portal for its
community, they want to offer several themes for their
customer's viewing pleasure.  That means that once the user
is authenticated they can be given a different theme based
on their preferences.
What it would take to accomplish the afforementioned

Ability to detect what the browser accepts--the differences
between Netscape and IE are workable, but different
versions of the browsers can accept different things. CGI
(and consequently servlets) have a parameter that
enumerates the mime-types that the browser can accept--this
goes a long way beyond Netscape vs. IE and version.

Also, we need the ability to check and set GET, POST, and
cookie parameters in the sitemap to select the proper
resources (transformers, et al).  This goes beyond simple
session management because we need to know who the authenticated
user is.

Lastly, because most sites are not publish only, some
form of database connectivity has to be in the sitemap--unless
you manage the parameters in the logicsheets.

If you lust for Ham and Eggs, you have
committed breakfast in your heart
already.   -- C. S. Lewis

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