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From "OD">
Subject [C1] [PATCH] session.xsl [TODO] Logicsheet doc (session.xsl)
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 17:27:01 GMT
[PATCH] src/org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/java/session.xsl

1) JSDK2.0/2.1 HttpSession objects removeValue() method doesn't have a tag.
Added <session:remove-value>

2) There are duplicate templates for <session:put-value>
Removed one.

3) At the moment the only way to add objects to a session via <session:put-value> and
is like: <session:put-value name="nameone">valueone</session:put-value>

Modified <session:put-value> and <session:set-attribute> templates so that we
can add objects to a session like:
<session:put-value name="nameone">valueone</session:put-value>
<session:put-value name="nameone" value="valueone"/>

[TODO] Logicsheet doc for the Session Taglib

IF the above patch is applied the included session.xml file could serve as documentation for
the Session taglib.
Copy session.xml to [path/to/xml-cocoon]/xdocs
Add the line: 
<page id="session" label="Session Taglib" source="session.xml"/>
to [path/to/xml-cocoon]/xdocs/docs-book.xml somewhere appropiate.

I've never done the documentation thing before, will it do, shall I start on the other taglibs,
any kind of priority?


Corey O'Donovan

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