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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject RE: New ESQL changes...
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 08:31:40 GMT
At 13:00 -0400 17/10/00, Donald Ball wrote:
>On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Per Kreipke wrote:
>> Speaking of schemas, the xspdoc namespace you've added to the taglib is
>> handy. I've written a script to document your esql.xsl taglib without using
>> stylebook (a limitation you mentioned earlier). Similar to the stylesheet
>> you mention, but executable using Cocoon itself.

>if you have suggestions for expanding (or explicitly defining!) the xspdoc
>schema, i'm all ears.

I added these:


External package requirements
	<xspdoc:desc>Sun's JavaMail Package</xspdoc:desc>

I would also suggest adding something like the following.

	<xspdoc:child multiple="true">splish</xspdoc:child>

To simply document the legal child elements of any tag.

>good idea with the args element. thought though - how do you distinguish
>between arguments passed as attributes and arguments passed as elements?

There appears to be a general rule whereby the "config" elements of a Tag
can be either Attributes or child elements.


	 <blob:thing shape="amorphous"/>



So what is the difference between a "child element" and a "config element"?
I think a distinction could be made between an element that merely adds
(dynamic) configuration to a Tag, but could otherwise be an Attribute; and
Tags that are Tags in their own right and are allowed to be nested inside
their "brothers". The "multiple" attribute would signify that it made sense
to have multiple nested elements of that name.

regards Jeremy

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