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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject New TagLib, votes please
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2000 10:13:45 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying to get agreement on whether or how I should add my new Mailer
Taglib to Cocoon 1.

The issue is to do with two new JARs needed by the project (and
incidentally Donald's mail:taglib).


1. I add the project, integrating it into Cocoon 1

	cocoon/samples/mailer/ 7 files (15K)
	cocoon/src/org/apache/cocoon/processor/xsp/library/mailer/ 2 files (33K)
	cocoon/lib/ 2 files (279K)

	The JARs are :

		mail.jar						com.sun.mail, javax.mail
		activation.jar  		com.sun.activation, javax.activation

	In this scenario, the JARs would be required for Cocoon 1 to compile.

2. I provide the project as a standalone JAR in the "contrib" directory (it
exists?) or on my own site. People who want it's functionality, download
the JARs from SUN and do their own install.

3. I hack up the project so that the code that requires the two JARs from
Sun is supplied in the LogicSheet (as an inner class) instead of a Class in
the Cocoon package. This would allow the project to be pre-installed in
Cocoon, but would allow Cocoon to be compiled without the JARs. There is a
big downside though, it becomes a bloody nasty mess as there are already
302 lines of code in the LogicSheet and 431 lines of code comprising 33
methods in the XSPMailer Class. This may sound convenient, but it would not
be pretty!

Your votes please people.



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