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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: XLinks & LinkBase
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 08:44:42 GMT
At 16:13 +0200 03/10/00, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> The system basically allows you to have a "LinkBase" file which stores
>> XLinks and XLink "arcs" which define all the links in your site, which is
>> processed at runtime (caching in your session) placing all relevant links
>> into your document, to be sorted out by XSL.
>> What I'd like to know, is what future does this type of system have in
>> Cocoon 2?
>This is a very interesting question. XLink is clearly a heavy
>specification and the way I used it for the CLI was nothing more than
>catching all the locations so that the crawler knows where to go next.

Dear Stefano,

Thanks for your excellent reply.

I need a while to do justice to it.

I don't know if I completely agree with what you wrote, but you made me
realise I had holes in my own ideas. I need some time to think about this,
and I'll get back to you.

Some of the things in your recent RT point to the issue I am trying to
solve .... namely a deep heirarchy of parent/sibling/child relationships
where each needs to "know" about the other, without duplication of data and
without requiring multiple lookups into each relation to get that

Anyway, I need some time away from what is filling my head at work to
formulate this properly :)



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