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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Emotional Landscapes
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 19:27:54 GMT

> > All of that is, I think, fairly debatable. Handlers can be chained
> > (although filtering isn't built in, but you can store in the notes table
> > to emulate filtering in Apache 1.x). And sure it could support views. It
> > depends what your module does, and how it interprets configuration options
> > you supply. If you like I can translate your example sitemap to an AxKit
> > equivalent to show how this can work with Apache 1.x's current config
> > system.
> Please do.

First of all, you must understand I know nothing of how Cocoon operates,
so the terms used in the sitemap are not familiar to me. I'm merely
representing something similar in my opinion. Feel free to shoot me down
in flames if my assumptions are incorrect.

Cocoon Sitemap Version:

 <match pattern="/calendar/today">
  <generate type="calendar" src="today"/>
  <select type="browser">
   <when test="palm">
    <transform src="transformation/calendar2palm"/>
    <serialize type="palm"/>
   <when test="acrobat">
    <transform src="transformation/calendar2pdf"/>
    <serialize type="pdf"/>
    <transform src="transformation/calendar2html"/>
    <serialize type="html"/>

AxKit Version (in httpd.conf or .htaccess file):

<LocationMatch /calendar/today>

# following assumes generate type="calendar" could be done as an XSP
# again, I don't know what that directive really means so I'm guessing
AxAddProcessor application/x-xsp .

<AxMediaType handheld>
AxAddProcessor text/xsl transformation/calendar2palm

<AxMediaType print>
AxAddProcessor text/xsl transformation/calendar2pdf

<AxMediaType #default>
AxAddProcessor text/xsl transformation/calendar2html


I'm sure much more complex layouts are possible with a sitemap model, and
someone has written a Cocoon sitemap parser for AxKit (but they haven't
released it to the public yet), so you do have the ability to unplug this
method of working for something else should you so desire, but I tend to
think thats a YAGTNI thing compared with working with what we've given
users. Of course the answer to whether thats true or not is in the future

Have fun,


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