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From Neil Graham <>
Subject getting what's in the ``Attic''
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 19:53:53 GMT

Hi folks,

I need to know just what Cocoon 2 does (or at least plans) to do with
XLink implementation.  So, I've looked through the mailing list archives,
and finally concluded that the best approach was to look at the code
that's been produced, since it would simply take too long to paint a
picture through the archives.  

So I CVS checked out the code, and found that, unlike the web-based
``repository'' (available at <>), the CVS
anonymous check out doesn't include the contents of the Attic
directories--where all the files of interest to me happen to lie.  

Obviously I'm curious about why this is, but more importantly I'd be very
appreciative if anyone could tell me of some automatic way by which I
could obtain everything that is in the xml-cocoon repository--including
all of its ``Attics''.  

Thanks in advance,
Neil Graham

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