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Subject [Xalan2] TrAX, serialize packages moved!
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 02:48:33 GMT

OK, I decided not to do org.apache.xapi.trax.* etc... the package names
were just too damned long for me to bear.  They are moved to
org.apache.trax and org.apache.serialize.  I don't much like
org.apache.serialize, esp. with org.apache.xml.serialize lurking in the
Xerces classes.  But this is just a temporary thing until these APIs move
into full standardization.

Be warned again:  TrAX, and the serialize package will go through some
major changes as they move through the standardization process.  I'll try
to make this as smooth as possible, but it's the price we're gonna have to
pay for general standards, and being on the cutting edge of these.  I think
it's a price worth paying.  This will happen pretty quickly, probably
within a couple of months.  When it does happen, I'll try and do it in one
fell swoop, rather than incrementally.  Until the true standards go in,
org.apache.trax and org.apache.serialize should be stable.

I also removed all the special backwards compatibility classes for XalanJ1.
These may go back in at a later date, perhaps in a side directory, but for
now they were cluttering up things, giving the wrong impression about which
classes to use, and increasing our testing matrix.

The problem with prefix events kept me from doing any performance tuning
the last couple of days, as I had planned.  Therefore, it's going to be
'till Monday or Tuesday before we come out with the Alpha release.  I
really don't want to release Alpha without the performance being better
than it is.


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