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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: New ESQL changes...
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:55:06 GMT
> > Speaking of schemas, the xspdoc namespace you've added to the taglib is
> > handy. I've written a script to document your esql.xsl taglib
> without using
> > stylebook (a limitation you mentioned earlier). Similar to the
> stylesheet
> > you mention, but executable using Cocoon itself.
> sweet.
> > However, what is the full set of tags for that namespace? I
> can't find a way
> > to search the archives to look for the past posts on "xspdoc"
> and "xsp doc"
> > you mentioned in another email.
> er, um... i wonder what the subject line was... in any case, the schema
> was never really carved out, everyone just agreed that it was a pretty
> good idea and that you wouldn't run into trouble as long as the xspdoc
> elements appeared as children of xsl:stylesheet.
> if you have suggestions for expanding (or explicitly defining!) the xspdoc
> schema, i'm all ears.

Ok. Did that as described below.

> > For myself, I've annotated an earlier version of esql.xsl as
> below and I'd
> > be glad to annotate the current esql (or other) taglibs with
> more detail:
> >
> > <xspdoc:desc>
> >     returns the value of the given column as a date. if a
> format attribute
> > exists, its value is taken to be a date format string as defined in
> > java.text.SimpleDateFormat, and the result is formatted accordingly.
> > </xspdoc:desc>
> > <xspdoc:args>
> >    <xspdoc:arg name="format">
> >      optional formatting value passed directly to 'SimpleDataFormat'
> >    </xspdoc:arg>
> > </xspdoc:args>
> > <xsl:template match="esql:results//esql:get-date">
> > ...
> > </xsl:template>
> good idea with the args element. thought though - how do you distinguish
> between arguments passed as attributes and arguments passed as elements?

Hmmm. Thought that it was a Cocoon design pattern to always allow either
(can't remember who said this, Ricardo maybe?) so I assumed that an arg was
just an arg. How about

<xspdoc:arg name="xxx" type="attribute|element|both">blah blah</xspdoc:arg>

You'll see in my code that I actually tried to capture a lot of the
different ways that the pattern was expressed when run against the old
taglibs. You found a new way to express that pattern in esql.xsl, so they no
longer work. Of course, they're not necessary either. So, if not declared
explicitly as above, could auto-discover them.

> i'd love it if you sent me the annotated esql logicsheet and the script to
> generate the docs. wonder if anyone would be interested in annotating the
> other logicsheets?

Will do. Was just futzing with it to fix the business described above and
broke it. Give me 5 to fix it again.


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