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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject AW: [C2]: FOP sample including gif/jpg into PDF
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 14:56:36 GMT
> Using fop_0_14_1-dev.jar from C2-CVS

I remembered that images in 0.14.x was not implemented. First check the
fop site about it (they have a "implemented features" page. Next put
the cvs version of fop into C2 and retry.

"external-graphic" is listed as being supported (which should mean the
distributed fop_0_14_0 version) and as Cocoon includes fop_0_14_1 I reckon
it _should_ work.

But you were right (of course :-)) - I should have checked the FOP
mailing-list first. It does work and must be written as so:


Note the absolute path to the graphics file - which is kind of yucky (i.e.


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