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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Blocking of simultaneous requests
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 12:43:39 GMT
"Schmitt, Christian" <> wrote:
>we're using Cocoon 1.8-dev in our environment.

You shouldn't be using 1.8-dev (most versions, with the blocking enabled). 
There were some serious synchronization bugs which were fixed near to the 
release of 1.8.

>The pages we display, make heavy use of our database.
>We just now found out that we have a major concurrency problem.
>It looks like this was introduced with the private class "Block" in
>When one user requests a page (i.e. display-data.xml) and another user
>requests the same page, the second request is blocked until the first one 
>finished. But since the data generated in display-data.xml is dynamically
>gathered from the database, the caching is not used. So, for us it looks
>like this blocking mechanism does not make too much sense for dynamic data.

Agreed. It should be optional. Anyone disagree?

>We now removed the whole blocking mechanism from and our
>application runs a lot faster now.
>What is the correct operation of the Block class mean't to be?
>Should it funtion differently when caching is and isn't enabled ?

It should, but caching in Cocoon 1.x is a mess. There's a build-time 
constant, a setting in, and a MemoryStore which can still 
be accessed even if the cache is turned off by either of the above!!

It's on the todo list to clean this up.

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