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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Content aggregation
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 18:42:18 GMT
"Marcelo F. Ochoa" <> wrote:
>     DB Prism CMS has information on the left upper corner of the content 
>area with information about the path that user walk.
>     If he/she walk through:
>     a->+
>          +->b->+
>                    +->c
>     This area has a link bar (a-b-c) for selecting any step in this path 
>given an access to the parent pages in the directory like structure.
>     How do i make this area with new features of the sitemap?

Surely the easiest way to do this, with a simple hierarchical site anyway, 
would be to structure the URI space so that it matched the A/B/C structure - 
then you would just have something to translate each part (directory) of the 
URI into a name (maybe look up title from title.xml in the respective 
directory, if the filesystem matches the URI space), and then aggregate and 
style it into the page as previously discussed.

If you want to actually represent the real path taken by the user, with 
duplicates and going round in circles and all, that is slightly harder - 
you'd want to use a session variable for that. But I don't think that's very 
user friendly.

Question for Stefano: "Good URIs don't change" is a famous quote - can't 
remember who said it. But what about if a site's structure completely 
changes? Is it okay to just use an eternal [sic] redirect that is never 
deleted, or must one stick to the same URI space even though it no longer 
reflects the structure of the site? If so why?

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