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From Sebastien Sahuc <>
Subject RE: [C2] issues and Patch
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2000 10:30:17 GMT
Francisco Jr. wrote:

> I found some issues using Jikes compiler.
> I'm using Jikes 1.12 08/01/2000
> Win98
> C2 10/12/2000 cvs Version.
> Third:
> I think that Unix guys wouldn't have this problem :) To check errors, 
> on parseError() creates a StringTokenizer with ':' 
> as a separator. 
> The problem is that in Windows the full name of file returned 
> by Jikes includes 
> drive letter information followed by ':' (i.e.: 
> d:/ 
> So you got the problem. Letter 'd' is returned as file name 
> (first token) and 
> ''is the second token returned and at 
> parserError, this second 
> token is assumed to be the startline number. So I get 
> NumberFormatException :(

Indeed A patch has been commited for and it solved the exact same
issue you are reporting for Jikes. So, please have a look at the method
'private CompilerError parseClassicError(String error)' in for
code detail.

All the best,


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