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From Sebastien Sahuc <>
Subject XSP engine based on SAX : some interesting figures so far ...
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 18:07:15 GMT
As I'm in the way to finish getting rid of DOM in the XSP engine, I would
like to share with you some interesting figures I got so far.
What I did is I extracted the XSP Engine from cocoon (thanks to the nice
design), and call 100 times the method generateCode() from various class
implementing the MarkupLanguage interface (the SAX based interface change a
little bit).
These classes are :
* SitemapMarkupLanguage  (current cocoon2 dist)
* SAXSitemapMarkupLanguage  (same as above but SAX based only)
* TestMarkupLanguage from the  (XSP like behaviour, but ligher)
* SAXTestMarkupLanguage  (same as above but SAX based only)
For the sitemap, I used the simemap.xmap as input document
For the Test I used a very simple XSP-like page (simple.xsp) 
The figures are given in ms per call (call to generateCode) :
* SitemapMarkupLanguage  : 11500 ms
* SAXSitemapMarkupLanguage  : 2300 ms
* TestMarkupLanguage : 200 ms
* SAXTestMarkupLanguage : 25 ms
So the SAX version is almost 4 times faster than the DOM one. 
Moreover if I turn on the -verbose:gc option, it shows that the GC is call 4
times per loop with DOM , whereas the GC is called every three loops in a
SAX based engine.
All the best,
These tests have been performed on a PIII 650, 256Meg.

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