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From Sebastien Sahuc <>
Subject [Xalan2][C2] DOM2DOM issue .
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 15:21:55 GMT
> Davanum, please check out the latest Xalan, without your 
> patches, and see
> how that does.  It should handle both the NodeIterator issue and the
> extension bugs (I hope).  I'll try and do some testing 
> against your files
> sometime tonight, and take a look at your patches to see what didn't
> overlap or where you had a better idea on how to do something than I.

Well I'm working right now to remove all DOM from the XSP engine, so the
latest Xalan2 snapshot is just working fine when it comes to SAX 2 SAX
transformation. Therefore it more than enough since the reported problem
only affect DOM (Davanum is right that the DOM2DOM isn't properly working, I
checked today with the lastest snapshot).

There is also a problem (ArrayOutOfBound Exception) with the 'in-house'
serializing of trax. But I wasn't able to reproduce the bug outside the
cocoon2 context, so I ended up using the serialize package (which is by the
way a piece of art ! ).

All the best,


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